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Wondering what kind of work I do with schools and teachers? Below find a sampling of some of the topics I most often support in educational communities, as well as the most common learning structures used. All workshops pull from the latest in educational research and provide actionable strategies you can implement the very next day.


Want more details? Curious about something different? Send an email!



Using Research Based Reading Strategies and Holding on to Joy!

Explore how to incorporate literacy instruction into a child-centered classroom culture where joy and learning go hand-in-hand. Teachers will learn practices to weave foundational reading skills into science and social studies units. This workshop will address how focusing read alouds, shared reading, interactive writing, group lessons, and play on a thematic study can help contextualize and personalize children's new literacy learning and build a sense of agency, curiosity, and purpose. Time will be reserved for planning and collaboration. 



Engaging Students in Self-directed Learning

Investigate ways that children can use cycles of inquiry and project based learning to follow their curiosity and explore, create, and learn. With strategies and tools that could be used for remote or in-person learning, this workshop will guide teachers in creating learning experiences that are highly engaging and responsive



The Power and Potential of Learning Through Play

Ignite deep and joyful learning throughout the day. Teachers will learn how to best facilitate and support child-directed play and ways to make academic instruction more playful. Educators will deepen their understanding of different types of play and their importance in the early childhood classroom. Participants will learn how weaving strategies like focus lessons, conferring, small group play, and whole class conversations into play can build literacy skills, STEM skills, and critical social emotional skills such as empathy and problem solving. Additionally, participants will explore how to incorporate children’s identities and interests into their existing teaching practices to build a classroom culture of capability, curiosity, and community. 



Building Community and Centering Children’s Interests & Identities

Explore how to start the year by focusing on playful literacy engagement, building community, and investigating and honoring children’s interests and identities. Educators will learn how interactive writing, shared reading, and read aloud can build community while practicing the literacy skills that many children need. With time built in for collaboration and planning, this highly interactive strand will help teachers prepare for a joyful and powerful start to the school year. 


"How do you spell...?", "What should I write about?", "I don't know what to do!" In this workshop, teachers will learn the latest in cutting edge research to support all types of writers. Accessible and easy to implement strategies will be shared to overcome the multitude of challenges writing workshop can present in an early elementary classroom. Teachers will get to the core of the problems that arise and see how individualized schedules, tools, and adaptations can support each learner. The importance of components like interactive writing, storytelling, and play workshop will be covered to support each learner's growth. Participants will leave with a toolkit of possibilities to refuel their writing workshop with joy, play, and rigor for every writer.


Helping ALL Students Build Independence and Thrive



Strategies for Risk Taking and Growth

Children are inherently problem solvers. From their earliest days, they notice, wonder, experiment,  innovate and playfully make sense of their world. In this workshop, we will take a close look at how we can nurture and support children to use a similar mindset in our classrooms. We will consider how to make our  emotional and physical environments conducive to problem solving and how we can leverage play, self-talk  and storytelling to support our children’s curiosity, flexibility, and metacognition.


This workshop is often divided into four parts. Participants will first learn the research based mindsets that can help them become the most effective and impactful teacher they can be. We will take a look at integrating play, empathy, growth mindset, belief systems and reflection into our daily practice as teachers and humans. We will then use these mindsets to study how physical environments can impact learning and community. Moving from a study of classroom design to the learners that inhabit them, teachers will learn the latest research on teaching socials skills, building community, helping children with trauma, and supporting children with emotional needs. Finally we will turn our lens to teaching structures and responsive planning to ensure our classrooms center on children. Participants will gain practical step by step strategies appropriate for a range of learners.


Crafting Classrooms With a Culture of Empathy, Joy, and Impact



In school based coaching, I work in your school, side by side with you and your kids! This work can be around a topic or general goal setting and reflective practice. School based coaching services are available for just one day, or multiple days across the year. 



I can provide workshops ranging from one hour to two days on a variety of topics. I draw on my experience as a classroom teacher and as a coach in classrooms to keep the learning relevant, fast paced, and fun.


In addition to in-person offerings, I can present workshops via zoom, google hangout and other platforms, as well as provide ongoing follow-up support.  Contact me for more options!


Interested in a Mindset for Learning or Kids First? My co-author Kristi Mraz and I are able to present together on these topics allowing for break out groups, more intimate learning, and double the jokes.

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