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November 5 | Weekly Newsletter

Hello and Happy November!

To get us started, and just for fun, check out these notebook dividing sticky notes [ordering now] and this blanket from Target that Kristi bought for 8.98 and is obsessed with. [Christine is ordering now.]

This is where all of Kristi’s latest reads have come from and this is a book that we both read recently and loved.

From The School of Life, an article on studying our own childhoods to better understand patterns playing out across our adulthoods.

Jess Lifshitz is a fifth grade teacher/researcher and shared a blog post last week on “Teaching Personal Narratives as a Way to Explore Identity and Our Lived Experiences” Jess anchors her students work around the question, “What do you want the world to know about you?”

This New York Times piece on giving advice could have interesting implications for both conferring with children and collaborating with colleagues… as well as some of those sticky situations we find ourselves in with friends and family. The article also points out that sometimes people just want to vent for more on how to listen and support without shifting read Celeste Headlee’s work on Conversational Narcissism.

This is an interesting research study about how best to use a morning message with young children. Their findings: treat it like interactive writing to build literacy skills and meaning.

Have a great week!

Kristi & Christine

P.S. Our webinar starts this Thursday if you’d like to join! We’d love to think and plan and laugh with you.

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Loralee Druart
Loralee Druart
Apr 13, 2022

What a great article by Celeste Headlee on conversations! Thank you for sharing.

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