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Our First Weekly Link Pack & Newsletter

Monday, October 14


You may know us (Kristi & Christine) as writing and thinking partners, but for about seven years now, we’ve had the habit of sharing all kinds of things back and forth via text and email (sometimes both at the same time). Several times a week, we send each other interesting articles, quotes, books to read, recipes, websites, tools, funny pictures, and random items of interest like a new favorite notebook. Often it’s these articles and ideas that drive our work with teachers and our latest thinking. Sometimes they just help us throw together an easy dinner and stay in touch now that we’re living on different coasts.

We’re going to try something new. We’re going to let you in on these exchanges by sending out a regular link pack. Every week (or, let’s be real, most weeks because… life…) we’ll send out a brief newsletter with things we find worth sharing.

Let’s get started!

A few things to share this week:

We were delighted to learn our plant addiction is a good thing because apparently plants are more than just nice to look at, they have a whole host of other benefits. We now feel totally justified in making this purchase.

This is how to make your kids amazing from Eric Barker’s blog. He highlights Dr. Daniel Siegel and Tanya Payne Bryson’s book The Yes Brain. We also found The Whole Brain Child to be incredibly insightful.

We’ve been thinking and reading a lot about supporting students uncover and affirm their identities this fall (hat tip to Sara Ahmed’s Being the Change) and the book Alma and How She Got Her Name helped anchor our work around the stories of our names.

We have a deeper understanding of the impact of fire season in California. If you want to support those impacted, here are some ways to help.

On upping your joy frequency: "Think of some of the small delights that bring you joy — whether it’s a certain song, a photo from a gathering with friends, or even a pen that writes like a dream — and try intentionally placing them throughout your day.” Though we both have very different views on tapas than the article’s author… don’t get us started.

Finally, the easiest, most delicious plum cake.

Hope you had or are having a lovely weekend!

Christine & Kristi

P.S. We're doing a webinar in November if you’d like a dose of our jokes (good & bad) and most recent thinking about creating classroom communities.

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